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July 9, 2009


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It’s Summertime!  I’m eating all kinds of summer stuff like watermelon lemonade, veggie sandwiches, and panzanella.  Light and fresh.  I just love the produce I can choose from during these months.

Seriously.  A lot of people I know [insert side eye - yeah you] are having some serious man problems.

“Don’t you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby.”

Yikes!  I have so much I want to say about all of that, but I need to get some permission slips signed first.  Just for future reference, unless you say off the record when we’re talking, I have the right to use our conversation under the creative common license privilege.

Blasts from the pasts.
Have you ever known someone that’s so dumb that you can’t even get mad at them?  I’m experiencing that every week with the same person.  All I can do is shake my head and roll my eyes.  I’ve known this guy like 12 years and we’ve hung out occasionally but we don’t really keep in touch like that.  He lived in the same city as my friend, so I’d hit him up whenever I was in town to say hey.  Long story short, now dude sends me one word text messages at like 1 am like 3 days out the week.  Dude. Are you serious?  First of all, if you’re texting me that late at night it better say something like…

My phone won’t dial out – text messages only – and my house is on fire.  Can you please call for help?

That would maybe be acceptable.  But you just gonna message “Wassap”?  Secondly wtf is a wassap?  iCan’t.  I have been working ~13 hours a day in the lab, so the last thing I want is some text message interrupting my good sleep.  Ultimate frustration.  And then when I do text back the following morning, it’s like “wassap” again or “are you busy?”  Over it. and Please Stop.

On a positive note, my ex-boyfriend released a mixtape.  Go ahead, be nosy, and check it out.

On a ten times more positive note, things are working out in the lab.  I’ve established my system, and today I started my first round of screening.  I’ll have data for 288 colonies.  Oh, Data, how I have longed for thee.  I’m meeting with this guy tomorrow who, pending the outcome of the meeting, may become the final member of my committee.  Then I can set up a date for my preliminary exam.  Wish me luck!

btw – thx for commenting ms.new mama. u keep me motivated.

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  1. Yay data!!! congrats girl :)

    Comment by Becky — July 13, 2009 @ 4:27 pm

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